A Bit of Blockchain

A lot has been written about blockchain. Much of it only adds to the confusion around this topic that is feeding the latest tech bubble.  Join us in a discussion with Seth Berman, an expert on cybersecurity and criminal law, as he works his way through our needless banter and the intricacies of blockchain, bitcoin, and all that jazz.

Failure by Committee

Good, established companies can blow a product intro just like a startup.  There was the Ford Edsel, of course.  A failure so epic that it is the poster child for bad product planning by committee.  Many old-line companies have their own "Edsels,” though, you rarely hear about them.  Join us in a discussion of a line of women’s shoes that designed by committee and resoundingly rejected in the marketplace.

Some Thoughts on Pitching

Mike Tyson says everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.  That applies to pitching investors, too.  Join your hosts Mark Thirman, Ziad Moukheiber and Dave Powsner in a not-too-serious discussion of pitching.